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The new issue of South Africa’s celebrated restaurant guide is out!

After a tough two years, the local restaurant industry has bounced back with a vengeance and local food lovers are out in droves enjoying their delicious fare. And as ever, ready to provide expert advice on where to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family, is the new edition of SA’s celebrated guide, Eat Out magazine.

Eat Out magazine

Back on shelves with a fresh new look and some exciting changes introduced at the 2022 Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards gala, this beautifully designed 180-page annual magazine is packed with insightful and useful content. It profiles all the celebrated Special Award winners – from Restaurant of the Year and Chef of the Year, to Our Rising Star and Best New Restaurant – along with the top restaurants who received the inaugural prestigious 1, 2 and 3 Eat Out Star awards.

The Eat Out team and its panel of expert judges believe the new star rating system is the best way to recognise the wide range of excellent restaurants we enjoy in South Africa. And, along with the stars, the magazine also lists, by region, the top 250 restaurants recommended by its wide network of experienced food critics.

The latest issue of the Eat Out magazine also has one further notable change – in past years the publication came out on the night of the awards, but it is now coming out at the start of the following year, allowing for deeper and more insightful stories about all the Eat Out Star and Special Award winners.

What to look forward to

  • Features on Eat Out Special Award winners, including Restaurant of the Year and Chef of the Year.
  • Insights from the 2022 panel of judges.
  • Insights from SA’s top chefs on what the future of dining looks like.
  • Where our top chefs go to eat out.
  • The fascinating art of restaurant design.
  • Top 250 recommended restaurants reviewed by Eat Out’s panel of reviewers.

Where you can find it 

Look out for the Eat Out magazine at your local Woolies and other major retailers with a recommended retail price of R105.


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