Jason Bakery inspires a movement to ensure safety of restaurant workers in Cape Town

The ongoing taxi violence in Cape Town has left many restaurants fearing for the safety of their staff who rely on taxi transportation to reach work each day.

Earlier this week, several restaurants across the Mother City were faced with the dismal decision of closing their doors to ensure the safety of their staff due to the lack of safe transportation options available.

To tackle this issue, Jason Bakery rented a backpacker venue in town to ensure that its staff are able to safely make it to work. This inspired a number of restaurants that are facing the same issue to opt for an alternative accommodation solution for their staff.

The taxi rivalry in Cape Town has reportedly resulted in a number of lives lost and volatile conditions along several transport routes.

In a social media post, Jason Bakery shared how it is ensuring the safety of its staff and highlighted that not even private transportation is a safe option during this period.

“None of our staff are at risk. We have a private transport company for our staff that collects them from their front doors in the morning and drops them off at work. Now, with the violence getting worse, it has been more and more difficult getting home so we have rented out backpackers in town for the week so that everyone is safe and sound.”


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Not only are restaurants being impacted by the ongoing taxi violence, but many other businesses in Cape Town have also had to seek alternative options to ensure the safety of their staff. Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room reached out to several accommodation venues and many were filled with business staff having secured all available rooms.

In the true spirit of community and assisting one another, The Radisson Red Hotel in Cape Town reached out to Clarke’s to offer the restaurant a few nights accommodation for its staff.

As a result of the initiative started by Jason Bakery, several backpackers and accommodation services have connected with businesses facing this challenge.

Eat Out has been contacted by Atlantic Point CT who owns and operates several backpackers in the city. Restaurants that are seeking accommodation for their workforces are encouraged to contact

Restaurants have been faced with several challenges across the country, from Lockdown regulations to looting and taxi violence. The initiative sparked by Jason Bakery with the help of other organisations is a showcase of Ubuntu.


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