Life goals: Making your own chocolate-and-bacon shot glasses

Bacon chocolate shot glassWould you drink shots out of a chocolate-lined bacon glass? Never before has the response ‘why the heck not?’ been more appropriate.

In a masterstroke for her first post ever, blogger Through the Eyes of my Belly revealed the recipe for this work of art*. It takes a little effort, but surely we can all agree that it’s worth it. We’re worth it.

First, you curl a slice of thick-cut bacon into a cup shape and bake it until just done. Next, line it with melted chocolate to make the ‘glass’ watertight, and let it cool again. Now it’s ready for a splash of Kahlúa, Patrón or whatever floats your bacon boat.The genius has also cooked up mozzarella-and-marinara sauce shot glasses, and bacon-crusted mozzarella sticks.

Your move.

*Gold stars to for alerting us to this vital information.

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