Local Ethiopian favourite Addis in Cape reopens after 2 years

The much-loved authentic Ethiopian restaurant Addis in Cape has opened its doors in a new location in the bustling CBD.

The reopening of the restaurant comes nearly two years after a closure announcement in August 2020.

The pandemic caused severe distress in the restaurant industry with many beloved spots having to wave goodbye to customers and shut their doors.

Speaking to Eat Out, the owner and founder of Addis in Cape, Senait Mekonnen, shares the impact that the COVID pandemic had on the business.

“Covid uprooted our business and the pandemic strongly impacted us as we rely on the support of our fans and customers to keep the restaurant open.”

While the lockdown may have left some restaurants permanently closed, it was not the end of the chapter for Addis in Cape and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so did this local favourite.

Although faced with the challenges of the pandemic, Senait remained hopeful that Addis in Cape would reopen again.

“I knew I would reopen the restaurant, but I did not know when.”

Same same but different

After months of renovation and hard work, the new restaurant opened in the heart of Cape Town at 168 Loop Street in a small heritage building.

“It feels wonderful to see clients here enjoying all that Addis in Cape has to offer. We were often flooded with enquires and calls from our loyal customers about when we were reopening. I can happily say the wait is over for them and we are now open for business,” says Senait.

Although the restaurant is located in a new spot, the iconic food offering remains the same with plans to add new items to the menu.

“I plan to introduce Ethiopian coffee in an casual Ethiopian-style coffee ceremony. As raw as it can be. Addis’s new lunch menu and Ethiopian coffee ceremony is something worth looking forward to. We will also continue having a weekly live jazz band on the ground floor.”

The restaurant prides itself on its menu that features options which are gluten-free, halaal-friendly and plant-based – catering to vegans and vegetarian diners.

Addis in Cape Town officially reopened on 21 June 2022.

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