Macaron ice-cream sandwiches are now a thing in SA

Durban-based confectioner Sugarlicious is taking local markets by storm with its macaron ice-cream sandwiches made in a kaleidoscope of colours.

A range of ice cream macaron sandwiches by Sugarlicious. Photo supplied.

A range of macaron ice-cream sandwiches by Sugarlicious. Photo supplied.

Trained patisserie chef Zakeeya Mitha, began offering delicious French macarons at local Durban markets in 2013. After being inspired by a picture of an ice cream macaron online, Zakeeya began experimenting with the sweet treat and launched her first range of ice cream macarons in May last year.

The confections are available in a wide range of flavours including mint, espresso or Nutella (a crowd pleaser) or smoked mocha, Bombay crush and bubble gum. Sugarlicious also serves a French kisses range, dipped in Belgian chocolate. Flavours in this range include Ferrero Rocher® and Raffaello.

A banana split ice cream macaron from Sugarlicious. Photo supplied.

A banana split macaron ice-cream sandwich from Sugarlicious. Photo supplied.

While Sugarlicious doesn’t have a permanent store as yet, it does set up shop at markets around KZN and is even taking its sweet treats to the Coffee & Chocolate Expo on 24 and 25 September at The Green Point Cricket Club in Cape Town. The business also takes orders in both Durban and Johannesburg and even offers Halaal versions.

Follow Sugarlicious on Instagram for updates on what Zakeeya is up to and where you can find her popping up.

The chocolate-dipped Ferrero Rocher ice cream macaron. Photo supplied.

The chocolate-dipped Ferrero Rocher macaron ice-cream sandwich. Photo supplied.


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