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LA Farms is the only farm-to-table online butchery in South Africa, bringing you certified wagyu, grass-fed Angus beef and free-range lamb, reared on their farm on the West Coast. They are a family business with a focus on sustainability, quality and traceability brought to you from their farm to your table.

LA Farms cows

The story of the farm

In the late 1990s, the founder of LA Farms, AK Peer, acquired a piece of farmland on the Cape West Coast between St Helena Bay and Veldrif. This beautiful piece of land lies on the coast of nine bays with a very rich natural flora and fauna of fynbos and birdlife.

The farm gradually grew into a working farm, as a few animals were kept and an organic vegetable garden and fruit orchard were laid out. They started eating their own lamb and beef and sharing it with family and friends. Their philosophy was farming in a natural, sustainable way without chemicals and antibiotics, with the knowledge of traceability and the ethical treatment of their animals. Over the years the phone would ring, and suddenly they were the go-to for free-range, halaal meat. They often heard how flavourful and tender their meat was, which they think is a result of the combination of the sea air and a diet of grass and fynbos.

They started to question what really went into the sausages and patties that they ate from the local butcher, and eventually opened an online butchery, with a physical presence in Wynberg, Cape Town. It has been an eye-opening to know what really goes into meat production and into processed meats and they now understand why so many people are turning to plant-based diets. For this reason, they feel a responsibility to provide the extended community with high-quality meat that is direct from their farm to our tables.

Wagyu shortrib

They specialise in certified wagyu, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus and free-range lamb and only breed with animals in the top 5% of its breed, ensuring consistent quality to their customers.

They are certified Grass Fed and Free Range by SAMIC, have a membership and carry certification from the Wagyu Society of South Africa.

Their halaal butchery is in Wynberg. For more information, visit LA Farms online or contact them on 021 761 251. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more.

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