Belthazar Restaurant and Wine Bar

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Reviewed by Ishay Govender-Ypma

Dining in a mall is usually done out of necessity and Belthazar provides one of the few instances where is not only acceptable, but sought after.

The restaurant has built a reputation as one of the best at the V&A Waterfront, which has a large selection of upmarket dining options that draw in both locals and tourists. Belthazar’s claim to fame lies in the enormous selection of wines per glass (over 250) served, the Karan beefsteaks and venison. This is a swish dining experience, with smartly dressed staff and stemware to match, so be prepared to splurge.

Some may balk at the prices of the salads alone (R90 for a house salad), and it certainly seems more frugal to opt for a roast chicken salad at R95. The onion blossom, a large deep-fried onion, is punted as a Belthazar original at R60 – but you’d be better off without it. The steaks seem to take centre stage: a 350g fillet (recommended medium rare) will cost R274 and it is made clear that they will not be held responsible if you order the steak well done. All sauces and sides are ordered at a separate charge. Opt for the chocolate-chilli sauce if you’d prefer something more unusual; I’d recommend the béarnaise or the Madagascan green peppercorn. Ostrich is available only when they can get it in fresh. Order your mains upfront, as they do take some time to prepare.

Service is efficient, eager and friendly, with well-trained staff who are used to handling a full house.

While there is a mammoth selection of local wines and up to 600 varieties, including an international selection, spirits and liqueurs are also available. The wine list is well set out with extensive explanations, but can leave you indecisive, so perhaps take the time beforehand to study the menu so as not to leave your dining companions waiting.

The look is upmarket, with fine linens and stemware and an overall posh setting. It’s a popular venue for company functions. Dress smartly.

The seafood platters, comprising of a nice variety of seafood, are popular for celebrations.

(July 2014)

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