House of H

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Reviewed by Alida Muller

August 30 2019 I am shocked to the core of what happened to me this evening while attending my son's birthday party. I went to the ladies and as i was just about to sat down on the toilet, someone forced the doors open...very flimsy doors.... about 5 of his very close friends (some of them wellknown South African Actors like himself) were standing in the queue.... and they saw me halfway naked as i tried to close the door... i peed myself wet. My husband and myself fled the restaurant (after he paid our bill) because of my embarresment...... I still feel as though i was raped.... there i stood...pants down, fanny open and naked for all to see.... .... i cannot handle this at all...... i feel like vommiting .... this is so so upsetting.....
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