Karoo Art Hotel Restaurant

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Reviewed by Francois Nel

In a peaceful, quiet town, there sits a small hotel that's well worth the trip. The Karoo Art Hotel is a true gem waiting to be discovered by yourself. In the event of an emergency; the beautiful, art-filled restaurant boasts an exquisite wine list - one of the best in the country. It definitely has the awards to prove that! And if the wine doesn't satisfy your famished stomach, then fear not, the food is terrific. I've frequented restaurants promising fantastic dishes at exorbitant prices, yet this funky hotel presented me with some of the tastiest meals I have ever experienced. The restaurant easily outclasses some of the best establishments in Cape Town - home to many celebrated restaurants. The service was a tad bit disappointing, in that I found myself unable to complain about anything (I do enjoy recognising those small errors)! The capable staff will bring a smile to your face as they genuinely want you to enjoy your experience in their home town. Feel free to start a conversation with them, as they have incredible stories to tell. And fear not, if, after dinner, you still want entertainment, you can head to the hotel's classic yet classy bar. You can spend hours playing with their turntable or making conversation with the locals. The Karoo Art Hotel is something to write home about.
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