RocoMama’s (Bedfordview)

Friday, July 12th, 2019

Reviewed by Melanie Pretorius

I'm not a burger fan as I've always considered it to be too messy to eat in public. My friend decided to spoil our group and the decision was made to go to Rocomamas Bel Air, I didn't agree with the choice but my vote was the minority. It was decided to order as takeaways and we proceed to the counter. The ordering process was quite new to me and very detailed but I guess it's too prevent mistakes from your server; it's all on you if you choose the wrong thing from the menu. We waited about 15+ minutes for our order while chilling inside. I would say the space could be bigger as the tables are quite close to each other and you could overhear your neighbours' conversation without having to focus that much. We ordered drinks, which arrive swiftly and chilled for a bit. After our order arrived we got up and left to feast at home. Let's start with the fries: My friends ordered chilli cheese fries, extra chilli and it was amazing! I shouldn't even eat cheese, lactose intolerant but I honestly didn't care. My "normal" fries were left forgotten somewhere as I pigged out on these chilli and cheese smothered pieces of goodness. I ordered the "Chilli Cheese Bomb" from the smashburgers option with 150g smash (assuming it's the pattie). It had bacon, aged cheddar, mozzarella, fresh chilli and chilli mayo (once again, I ignored the fact that I'm lactose intolerant). To say it was love at first bite would not be a lie! I love bacon, I mean who doesn't? (And yes, I know some people don't) I'm also a big fan of anything spicy so the fresh chilli and chilli mayo hit the spot. My friends got all emotional about how good the burgers were, hugging it out with tears in their eyes, (they're not as immune to chilli as I am, clearly) such a beautiful moment. To say we finished our burgers in record time would be an understatement and we needed more! This burger from Rocomamas definitely met and exceeded my expectations. It was well-prepared, had just the right balance of spiciness, meatiness and freshness and hit the right spots. I'd definitely buy it again and it would be my new first date spot (I go on a lot of these so need to make sure the food is at least good as the company is never guaranteed to be.)
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