Friday, July 12th, 2019

Reviewed by Nikita Buxton

The menu features all the old favourites, which will make fans happy. It’s all about Italian-style comforts here. Thin-based pizzas and pastas come in all shapes and forms.
Sweet and simple tomato-topped bruschetta begins the meal with a satisfying crunch. In fact, it’s impressive how fast the table wolfs them down before signaling for another round. Other easy options include antipasti of buffalo mozzarella and tomato; calamari with napolitana sauce; and chilli-laden chicken livers. There are also four different focaccias from which to choose, which is a great order for big tables.

For mains, Spiga’s pizzas are as good as ever: pleasingly thin-crust, wood-fired to perfection, and finished off – bubbling with cheese – with just the right amount of toppings. If you’re all about the mozzarella cheese-pull, the Tricolore will tick all the boxes with a Napoli sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto and peppery rocket. The Mafiosa with crispy pancetta, feta and avo, or the Siciliana with anchovies, capers and olives are also magic.

Pastas are aplenty, with around 20 options from which to choose. The al forno options are one of the favourites, whether served with lasagna, cannelloni or baked pasta pockets. There’s also simple chicken ravioli with a moreish mushroom cream, and the ever-popular linguine di casa with olive oil, chilli, garlic, prawns, white wine, and a dreamy coating of Napoli sauce.

For dessert, go big and order the molten chocolate volcano, or keep the buzz going and sip on some limoncello.

A simple wine list is available, offering familiar easy-drinking bottles in both red and white varietals. If you’re wanting to pair your pasta with something a little more special, bring your own. Refreshing gin cocktails and Aperol Spritz will also do the trick.

As friendly and welcoming as always.

The new space has a real neighbourhood charm about it. Now situated on Innes Road, the sought-after outdoor seating area overlooks Mitchell Park and swarms with locals on any given night. The lights of the surrounding suburbia add a sense of familiarity. The famous graffiti wall is also back, waiting for diners to make their mark.

Best for…
A casual Italian-style weeknight supper with friends or family.


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