SŸN @ 47

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Reviewed by Estee Lazarus

Date night with hubby has become a non negotiable. We go on a date at least once a week... especially with busy schedules and baby, we seldom get to spend quality time together and just have fun. This was at @thesyngroup and boy oh boy was it amazing. I’ve been preoccupied recently but the theatre and pleasure of dinning with you still lingers on weeks after. @chef_rikku I love your trickery and mastery, such a beautiful blend of all things wonderful... everyone should go oh and we had a bottle of @ghmumm and highly recommend it with your 16 course experience... there are also bottle of wine worth 70k on the menu, highly impressed by how carefully curated this menu is and how it pays homage to both our country and our globe. I also love how you’ve stayed true to who you are, there are pieces of you in each of your master pieces and I admire that you have not budged! The right person will get your concept and the wrong person will not... you win either way! #gastronomy #worldsbestrestuarants @michelinguide and as always I would not choose anyone else in the galaxy to share my fun with besides @michaellegrange my partner in crime... here we are seen trying to disguise our voices, a tribute to @grant_achatz that chef Rikku personally acknowledges. I love how we got to interact with all the chefs and how they aren’t like other chefs... they’re fun, humble, patient, funny and really really knowledgeable on the menu in a playful way @ SŸN at 47
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