Tuscan BBQ (Lynnwood)

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Reviewed by pranel sivnarain

On Valentines day i made a Reservation at this place 14/02/2015, this is the worst restaurant i have ever been to, when booking on the phone i was told the special includes a welcome drink , on my arrival the staff didn't know about this. The worst part of this place was: There was so much fly's even dead fly's at my table i asked the waiter to change my place he told me no he will bring some vinegar it will chase the fly's away, i refused he then changed our table. At the Buffet there was fly's EVERYWHERE, the worst part was there was a cockroach crawling on the roast table i made the chef behind the counter aware of this she just looked at me and took her dishcloth and squashed the cockroach in front of me then continued like normal, Lucky i saw all this before i ate, my wife and i just walked out of there and ate elsewhere, this place is DIRTY !!!!!!!!!!!!! i can only imagine what it is like in the kitchens.
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