Wolves Café

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Reviewed by Rupesh Kassen

This is the perfect place to set up your mobile office for the day. The trendy space is crammed with little tables and people beavering over laptops with steaming cups of coffee. The menu has been revamped, and now offers an all-day breakfast, exciting light meals and some decadent desserts. For breakfast, choose from a health breakfast of yogurt and fruit or eggs made to your liking, with loads of extras to pimp it up. Try the Middle Eastern shakshuka with tomato and red pepper sauce, poached eggs and crusty bread. For lunch, the hearty but healthy chicken salad bowl with quinoa, red cabbage and avocado will certainly please the more conscientious eater. Swap the chicken with Moroccan chickpeas for a vegan option. The new trend of waffles and fried chicken with cayenne syrup makes an appearance on the menu, or opt for the meatball sub with coriander and tomato relish. I had the delicious Wolves cheeseburger, served in a burger basket with sweet potato fries. The homemade patty comes with cheese and salad and the top of the soft bun is stamped with the Wolves W. For dessert, there are flapjacks with homemade salted caramel and vanilla ice cream, or a French toasted peanut butter and jam sandwich with a rice krispie crust, almost like a meal on its own. The waffles are served with a scoop of Paul’s homemade ice cream, to complete the indulgent experience. There is also a range of freshly baked cakes to go with the delicious coffee.

Coffee is the order of the day here; prepared hot or cold, with options of flavoured syrups. Interesting smoothies with fresh fruit and juice combinations are available, and you can even add vodka for bit of kick. Milkshakes are taken seriously here; standouts include the honeycomb, caramel popcorn or the chai latte. For something a bit stronger, craft beers or cocktails, like the Candy Martini or Gin Garden with cucumber and elderflower syrup, will certainly take the edge off.

Staff members are trendy and laid back, which suits the vibe of the restaurant well. The service from the kitchen follows suit and your meal may take some time to arrive.

Mismatched chairs, bunting, knick-knacks and art from budding artists create this unique and cosy space. There’s a bookcase filled with quirky items for sale, free Wifi, and a range of board games available for a relaxed afternoon.

And …
Check out their website for live bands and comedians on certain days.

(August 2015)

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