Empire Burger Co.

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Reviewed by Pieter Nortje

My wife and I visited Empire to buy a hamburger for lunch. Seeing that it was a new burger joint, we were more curious than hungry to see what was on offer. By nature, maybe more by choice, we are not fans of pizzas or burgers; though my wife loves it. When we entered the store we were caught off guard, but were in awe of the marvelous interior view (definitely the most eye catching burger joint I've ever seen) of the store. The cleanliness, freshness, colour and lighting was exquisite. I also have to congratulate you on the neatness and friendliness of the staff, save the fact that it was obvious they were still new and learning. Although the burger I ordered was only the baseline, (a week later I bought the flagship Empire Burger), it was sufficient enough to judge the quality of the product. The presentation, smell, taste and freshness were of high quality - honestly the best I've tasted anywhere. After we indulged I could feel I ate something, and there were no bad aftertaste as one would experience with burgers from other well known burger joints. At first I was very skeptical about the coffee or Cold Brew and I am NOT a fan of ice coffee or coffee shakes, but was pleasantly surprised at the taste, and can now recommend it to others. There was no overwhelming coffee taste or bad aftertaste in the mouth. Hereby I thank you for this experience we had. You are on the right track!
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