Skotnes Restaurant

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Reviewed by Marc Smith

A vibrant restaurant surrounded by majestic views all-round. Hugged by mountains on one side, not to mention an art filled vista on the other, the Skotnes Restaurant boasts enticing aromas, flavours and feasts for the eyes. Located at Norval Foundation, a new centre for art, the restaurant compliments the sophisticated art exhibitions and sculpture garden with a sophisticated palette of its own. Creative interpretations of South African favourites make for an interesting menu - alive with flavour, but serious in its aims of offering diners a satisfying experience in terms of the visual and the flavourful. Whether coming for brunch, lunch or dinner (with the family in tow or not), the Skotnes Restaurant is without a doubt well worth a visit. I personally recommend making a day of it and paying the art galleries, museum shop and sculpture garden a visit.
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