Tin Roof Cafe

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Reviewed by Joane Nell

What a dream!!! We literally cannot find one fault with this restaurant. From the get go the service was great. We had the best waiter that have served me in my life. It was very difficult to choose what to eat as the restaurant offers a great variety, all of which sounds spectacular. Each dish has their own unique twist which contributes to the unique nature of the restaurant. They offer anything from gnocchi (a favourite) to pork belly, to fillet, to pizza, to the most amazing home made tin roof ice cream (no not the one from Woolworths). The food was fantastic. The flavors burst in my mouth and I could just feel them all float together to create one impeccable taste. The chef even personally came to check up on us. Overall I can officially rate this restaurant as the best I've ever been.
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