4Roomed eKasi Culture

4Roomed eKasi Culture
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Based on the concept of eKasi four roomed homes that were the dwellings of the black communities in areas close to the business hubs of South Africa (the cities). These four-roomed carriage-like houses would normally be divided into a lounge/dining room, a main bedroom, a second bedroom and a kitchen. More than one family would live in these houses and this is where Ubuntu, through this unity, was mostly developed and encouraged.

4ROOMED as a business concept will be the rebirth of Ubuntu that was once part of our daily lives, a business initiative that is intended to evoke nostalgic moments through food, style and décor of the rooms, the smells, sounds and stories that can be associated with the times when multiple families shared a four-roomed house as one big union. A life to be celebrated while bringing dignity and awareness to South Africa’s diverse cultures.

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  • I went for lunch with a book club as our year end function. The restaurant was easy to find and we got a friendly welcome from the staff. Some ladies brought their own wine and the waiter was quick with wine glasses and ice. We were lucky enough to have Abigail come out and explain about the dishes before we ate. Every single morsel was delicious and we ended up asking for extra steamed bread as it disappeared off the table quickly. The chicken was definitely a highlight of the menu and more than one person commented how delicious the pap with pumpkin was. Am already planning my next visit
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  • What an experience!!! A friend recommends 4Roomed and we are attracted by the presentation alone, our minds are made up. Finally, we have something to do on a Sunday afternoon, we eat out eKasi. We heat the road after a great service over the phone, a professional online booking system and a location sent on WhatsApp. Already, an impression is made and expectations grow. While my husband winds and carves the bends of a well known Khayelitsha route, following uVitoliya (the ladylike voice on Google Maps) I browse through their website, the excitement mounts. On arrival, my husband and I are met by two genuinely smiling ladies, and I'm sold. The ambience evidently still has to be worked on, but the loxion school theme that runs across the dining area at the backyard, accompanied by the garden of organic herbs behind us makes up for anything one would expect to get in a restaurant but doesn't get here. Why should we expect to get anything usual here, anyway? What was ever "usual" about our upbringing elokshin? This couple made a pure blend of historic and contemporary combined. The atmosphere alone reminded me of those days when we would all steal groceries from our homes to go and cook outside with friends. We called it ukuphekisa. The conversations start. Clearly, this couple has deep rooted ubuntu, a term overly used these days it has lost its meaning. They equally ARE ubuntu personified. They engage everyone individually, uniquely, making one feel like you are the only patron, while skilfully encouraging open conversations for all, as they invite you to "emthonjeni" a common place for water. That too has it's story in African cultures. This is meant to be about the food. I am known for not tolerating anything that isn't palatable. My husband, however, whispers that he won't trust any great comment that comes out of my mouth, seeing how "at home" I feel at this new home away from home. Dinner is served. I ordered a seafood starter. I don't remember what it's called but has Salmon and mussels dipped in a very tasty sauce. I'm told Abigail's mom was great with sauces, that's where she seems to have learnt most of her lessons. Prawn meat curried, but dry....accompanied by a peeled fresh carrot and reddish. The plan was that I would get a taste of my husband's butternut and beetroot salad and he gets a taste of mine. I guess I got too glued on what was in front of me, I forgot to ask for..... a taste of at least the home made salad dressing which invited me so..... I look over my shoulders, lest someone is watching before I down the remaining sauce from the bowl.... this place is enchanting.... I should've mentioned I never tasted curry better than my mom's. I don't even risk ordering it anywhere, not even in Indian restaurants, but after my starter, I decide to take the leap of faith. Lamb curry it is for me....and I must confess, it far outclasses that of my moms. (I trust she won't ever get to read this, lol) Almost the same tastes, but a perfect blend. No risk of a bitterish taste after accidentally crunching a clove, a podamom or coriander seeds. My mom uses what she calls a muslin bag (don't ask me why it's at times called a cheese cloth, I don't know)...but the risk of being called names in our culture should anyone see that bag in your food is too much at times. So you will still have to be carefully while enjoying her curry.... But with Abigail's, the only spice or herb evident was just a small bay leaf. But the aroma, the texture, the taste...what a tingle on my taste buds. I could almost taste ginger but certainly not ginger powder....I won't know... A dessert of a custard with a tinge of rhubarb is another story. Devine! I just have no words to express the joy I had when I had my dessert ... I felt like sleeping on the couch we had shifted to after our main course. The experience at 4Roomed and the people, are to die for....
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