Craft (Parkhurst)

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Reviewed by Nadia Singh

Craft Restaurant in Parkhurst was at the top of my list of restaurants to visit, before heading to the Mother City! I finally tried it out & it was worth the wait :) Very dear friends were out here for two weeks from the Gold Coast (Australia) & on the eve of their departure, we met for a breakfast at Craft. Parkhurst is an incredibly trendy, alive & colorful suburb in Johannesburg - the perfect spot for a restaurant such a Craft. No bookings are allowed so when I got there I was impressed at how quickly we were accommodated by the manager. Our table of 7 consisted of 6 adults & 5 year young Zoe. Zoe despite her age, is quite a discerning eater - much like her parents - ordered quickly & was very satisfied with her kids breakfast. There were times when I had to stop myself from taking a sip of that delicious marshmallow milkshake she ordered! Milkshakes have no age limit :) Before ordering we tried out the light medium roast coffees & they are certainly recommended if you enjoy coffee. The comprehensive menu left us all spoilt for choice. There were various orders of omeletts, the Craft Breakfast, Breakfast Lasagne & healthy alternatives which my mates certainly enjoyed. I tried the Salmon Rosti & thoroughly enjoyed it! The portion was sufficient & it tasted as good as it looked! My friend Katia tried the coconut flapjacks & raved on about how good they were. I sampled my partner Sean's choice which was the Scotch eggs & yum - definitely my next try! Banting breakfasts, Eggs Florentine, French toast, Shakshouka, to name but a few, are all on this colorful menu list! Without the sour, one can't appreciate the sweet which brings me to negatives...parking in Parkhurst requires a great degree of patience! The prices are a bit on the steep side. Due to the popularity of this hot spot, service was very slow - we waited close to an hour for our breakfasts. And lastly...I didn't try the CandyFloss Milkshake or a slice of Oreo Cheesecake :(
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