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Eat Out mission: celebrating culinary excellence

At Eat Out, our dedication lies in showcasing culinary excellence in South Africa, celebrating restaurants that continually strive for the highest standards. Our commitment is to guide guests to remarkable dining experiences, where principles of consistency, attention to detail, and refinement permeate every aspect of the restaurant. From the quality of ingredients to the skilful preparation and delivery of flavourful dishes, we also recognise restaurants that push the boundaries, exploring new and innovative approaches. Through this, we aim to expertly curate a list of memorable dining experiences.

Restaurant submission

If you've ever been awarded a star, you need not submit a request here. All the star-rated establishments from the previous year are automatically included on the judges shortlist, and any restaurants awarded stars in years prior to that are also considered, pre-vetted and included in our scouting process..

Any other restaurants that put themselves forward are first researched and then rated by an Eat Out scout. If the initial scouting score is below 70, the restaurant will not make the judges shortlist. If the restaurant score is 70 or above, that score is then ratified by two judges from our panel. If those two judges score the restaurant 70 or above, the remaining 6 judges will visit it.

After submitting your motivation below, you will not be informed if your restaurant has made the judges' shortlist. As with all other restaurants, you will only find out who the star nominees are when they are announced before the awards ceremony.

Scorecard criteria and weightings

- Taste and Technique: 25%
- Service: 25%
- Menu Composition: 15%
- Presentation: 15%
- Beverages: 10%
- Ambience: 5%
- Perceived Value: 5%

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