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We love talking about food and restaurants almost as much as we like eating. So feel free to contact us any time if you want to rant or rave, know of a new restaurant, or simply want a recommendation for a great night out. We’re a team of happy eaters and compulsive over-sharers.

 Aileen-Lamb-contactsAileen LambGeneral Manager – Consumer Division

The best pizza I’ve ever eaten was on Kuredo Island, Maldives. Maybe it was also the sea, sand, sunset and my new husband that heightened the taste and experience.
The best burger I’ve ever eaten was made by my big brother: a thick, hand-crafted patty with the most delectable toppings, washed down with a Lynchburg lemonade cocktail.
My favorite salad is a classic Caesar with crispy bacon. The balance of flavours is so enjoyable, washed down with a glass of chilled Savignon Blanc.
I cannot resist a fresh (and still warm) croissant from Olympia Café and a triple-shot skinny capo on a Saturday morning after a surf!


Anelde Greeff, Editor-in-chief

Favourite restaurant for a midweek dinner: Chef Pon’s Asian Kitchen or Maharajah in Kloof Street.
For coffee: Jason in Bree Street. They also happen to make the best pastries in town.
After-work drinks: Suggestions are welcome! I’m struggling to find a place that I really like. I miss Caveau.
My favourite market: The Stellenbosch Slowmarket. I can’t help but leave there with a bootfull of food.                             

jeanne-calitzJeanne Calitz, Deputy Editor

What’s your favourite neighbourhood restaurant? They’re not quite in my neighbourhood, but I love Woodlands Eatery in Vredehoek and Maria’s Greek Restaurant in Gardens.
What’s your favourite place for buying bread? I’m partial to rye bread and the bakery at the Cape Quarter Spar really delivers on that count.
What is your signature dish? I make a mean teriyake! I’m also rather fond of cooking up risottos, and experimenting with baked fruit desserts.
What are your five desert island ingredients? Tequila, limes, salt… You get the picture. 


Claire Buchanan, Account Director

Saturday morning foodie activity? Going out for breakfast or to visit a market.
Kitchen tool that you can’t live without? Pink silicon spatula.
Your signature dish? Lemon chicken.
Wine that’s always in your fridge/cupboard? A red, a white and a bottle of bubbles.

Abgail donnelly

Abigail DonnellyEditor

My favourite spot for drinks after (or during) work: Tjing Tjing.
For coffee: Espresso Lab.
The one thing I don’t eat? Green pepper.
Saturday morning foodie activity? Boiled eggs and toast soldiers in bed with my boys.
Your signature dish? I have one a month, so this month it has to be my nana’s slow-cooked rice pudding. It takes three hours so that it turns into a creamy bowl of deliciousness.

Katharine Jacobs

Katharine JacobsOnline Editor

Favourite burger: I’m all about brioche buns, so it’s a toss-up between Clarke’s and Franky’s in Obs.
Breakfast: The pancake stack with apples, bacon and mascarpone at Jason is too good to be true.
For a coffee: The Cape Town city bowl is full of great roasts and I love to devote my lunch hour to seeking them out. Truth is a favourite, as is Bean There. I have a bad habit of visiting Hard Pressed for a morning coffee and their muesli and yoghurt.
The one thing you don’t eat? bananas. As far as I’m concerned they shouldn’t be allowed.


Linda ScarboroughCopy Editor

For a midweek dinner: Hudson’s in Kloof Street. I can inhale their Poppa Trunks burger (there’s a chill popper inside) in ten minutes flat.
For a celebration: Pot Luck Club for their vanilla pineapple cosmos, sensational food (organised by flavours – salty, umami, sour, sweet and bitter) and the view as you ascend in the glass elevator box.
The one thing I don’t eat? celery.

Tamsin GreenTamsin Green, Junior Writer

My favourite burger joint is Rick’s Café Americain. The blue cheese burger is my everything.
For seafood is 34 South in Knysna. The queen prawns are out of this world and the location doesn’t hurt either.
My signature dish is rump steak with avocado salad and sweet potato fries
My favourite dessert is sticky malva pudding with custard

Julie Potgieter Julie Potgieter, Junior Account Executive

One appliance I’d love in my kitchen is a Nespresso machine.
The best pizza I’ve ever eaten was at Woodlands Eatery – they have several vegetarian options, all equally delicious!
In the office, I snack on cake. Cake is not even up there on my list of favourite things to eat but there tends to be a lot of cake in the office, a lot of the time. Whether it’s for someone’s birthday, from a shoot or “just because”.

Wazeer Bassadien

Wazeer Bassadien, Digital Communications Assistant

The best dessert in the world, is pecan pie with ice cream or whipped cream.
In the office, I snack on apples or mixed nuts.
The best burger I’ve ever eaten was a home-made burger. The hot sauce, made by a friend was potent enough to send you to the moon and back.

Lauren Josephs, Editorial Assistant

Lauren JosephsMy favourite burger joint is Hudson’s in Claremont. They serve a variety of great burgers and when the bill arrives, it comes with a bunch of familiar and chewy candies (which crucially, are not mint flavoured).
My favorite market is The Earth Fair Food Market in St Georges Mall which takes place every Thursday as well as the recently new BMC Family Market in Bergvliet on the first Saturday of every month. I am absolutely blown away by the different aromas in the air and the novelties one finds.
My favorite breakfast spot is my kitchen. We always keep the refrigerator stocked with fresh ingredients for a wonderful breakfast over the weekends.


Werner HaywardBusiness Manager

Favourite neighbourhood restaurant? La Boheme.
One appliance I’d love in my kitchen is a second dishwasher because then we will have one for clean stuff and one for dirty stuff and then it never have to get unpacked. I would also like a pizza oven.
In the office, I snack on my pen, most of the time.


Mandy PetimBrand Manager

Favourite place for a coffee: Bread, Milk & Honey (red cappuccinos are the best).
My favourite market: Blaauwklippen Family Market.
The one thing I don’t eat: Eggs.

 Tina KapoutsisTina Kapoutsis, Digital Sales Executive

My favourite burger joint is Royale (and best burger there is the Sweet Petunia).
Market is OZCF Market.
Breakfast spot is anywhere that serves eggs Benedict.
My signature dish is vanilla cupcakes with Nutella icing

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