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  • Zest Bistro

    Nina du Toit

    Thank you for a fantastic evening. It was an intimately quiet evening in the restaurant and the chef went to so much trouble to chat to us and actually convert our three course meal into a delicious f…

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  • Active Sushi (Hudson Street)

    Shafi Martin

    Guys im heartbroken that you didn't win. But to me and all your customers you will always be a winner. Service and quality out of this world. No matter what I and my fellow google guides will always e…

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  • SMAK Delicatessen

    Shafi Martin

    When I walked in and saw that you guys didn't win... I could not believe it. I simply love this place. You guys are well recommended by me. You will always be winners to us.

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  • Toad on the Road

    Jambles Charton

    The below review by GR is completely unreasonable and appears an attempt to try and give this pub a bad name... The Toad on the Road is one of best beer gardens in the deep south and aways a pleasure…

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  • Kota Joe

    Jade Du Preez

    Really funky place if you're in the mood for a unique diner type of experience. Famous for their delicious and extremely filling "Kota's", great milkshakes and an awesome vibe! Real value for money t…

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  • Big Dog Café

    jason smith

    The famous Big dog Cafe', nice hidden gem with awesome food and the best coffee! The Great Dane blend all time favourite.

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  • Empire Burger Co.

    Chris Radebaugh

    Visited Empire Burger Co on their first day of business. We noticed the menu is small - this is good! Every other burger place has so many things to put on the burger that the burger is lost with al…

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  • Schoon

    Jeanne Calitz

    Food Seeing as this is primarily a bakery, the menu lends itself towards breakfast. Depending on your tastes, you may wish to sample the bone marrow on dark rye with blue-cheese cream and confit onion…

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  • Rare Grill

    Ashraf Booley

    A little-known gem tucked away in Cape Town’s Harfield Village, Rare Grill has been getting some rave reviews from our readers. We sent Eat Out critic Ashraf Booley to put the steakhouse through the…

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  • Fuego

    Katharine Jacobs

    Food This diminutive taqueria serves up tasty food in an elegant space. New York-born owner Jennifer Fernandez combines her Dominican heritage with techniques learnt at cooking classes in Mexico, and …

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