Wang Thai (Sandton)

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Reviewed by Nick Govender

Nick Govender- 0829273441 - day of Lunch 14/02/2015 - 14h30 This entire experience was an absolute nightmare.....never, ever, again, and advise everyone never to go there! It all started at entry... When the coloured person at Reception did not have our Reservation, despite having called twice. This guy was rather unprofessional, & unwelcoming....& we did not know what was in store, Starters - half pinky size 4 spring rolls at R48! Drinks - cocktail was a slush puppy with very little meaning to it Main - Biggest disappointment of the day... Small helping, tasteless Thai vegetarian food that I have ever tasted Service - Un-helpful, impatient Waitress, totally un-focussed on our table. Positives -A male waiter (coloured or indian) who assisted us when Waitress was AWOL! Not for me thanks
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