10 coffee shops in Joburg you won’t want to leave

These Jozi coffee shops are perennial favourites because of their killer brews and outstanding attention to detail when it comes to the things that count most: flavour and ambience. That, plus all-important free and unrestricted WiFi, make these cafés inviting all year round and even all day long.

Arbour Café and Courtyard (Birdhaven)

This café and créperie – with its green-accented interior, wooden tables, black Tolix chairs, armchairs and a comfortable couch – feels like a modern French café. On a pleasantly sunny winter afternoon, sit outside in the courtyard surrounded by potted plants and soak up the South African winter warmth in the whimsically charming setting. Start your morning with a café latté or Belgian hot chocolate with an exquisite sandwich (of seeded rye bread or French baguette) with fillings of country ham, fresh apple, brie, caramelised onions and rocket. For lunch, opt for a French buckwheat gallette filled with aged rump, roasted rosa tomatoes, Emmental cheese and caramelised onions.

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Coffee Exchange (Parkmore)

Coffee Exchange is more than just a restaurant and bar – the team here also comprises producers of high-quality roasted coffee beans. It makes this spot the perfect any-time-of-day setting for the coffee snobs among us. Highly trained baristas make exceptional coffee- and mocha-based concoctions with such impressive technical skill that you’ll know not all coffees are created equal once you have your first sip. If you’re here for the fine taste in décor, a caffeine boost and to work, you’ll find many patrons behind their laptops with the same idea perched on bar chairs inside. Or you can sit outside and enjoy 11th Street’s buzz.

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Croft and Co. (Parkview) ?

Exposed brick and wood are the dominant décor textures at this popular coffee shop, bar and restaurant. These natural elements, along with a fireplace, striking wall art and large mirrors come together to create an inviting and intimate space that feels like home. The coffee, made from top-quality beans, and the fine selection of craft beers make this a spot to work all day and invite friends or colleagues to join you later for after-work drinks. Tuck into a scrumptious breakfast of creamy scrambled eggs (served with your choice of proteins and/or vegetables) on bolo do caco if you’re having an early-morning meeting, plus grab a cuppa. Staying for lunch? Try the burgers made with 100% hand-pressed beef patties and freshly baked buns.

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The Eatalian (Parkmore)

This restaurant serves excellent Italian food as well as great coffee made with their own in-house beans. Choose seating with privacy, like the alcove with a comfy couch nook in the back of the restaurant, or go for the sociable street-side seating on 11th Street. Nosh on one of the tasty thin-slice pizzas cooked to perfection in the wood-burning pizza oven that makes The Eatalian super cosy in winter.

Father Coffee (Rosebank)

The wood panelling, indoor plants, large windows and comfortable wooden chairs and tables give this coffee shop a clean and natural yet hip aesthetic, made even cooler by the vibrancy of its ambience. In summer, sit outside on the Tolix chairs and watch the hipsters and coffee-lovers enter and exit. Father Coffee not only serves coffee made from its bespoke unique bean blends, but it also sells coffee-making equipment. Be sure to leave with a bag or two of their signature blend, which they say described as being “smooth, full of flavour, and [with] no bitterness. Berries on the front, syrupy body, hint of nut, and a finish of dark chocolate”.

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The Foyer Coffee Shop & Home Bake (Parkview)

This quaint coffee shop is the first one you’ll see when you enter The Old Lake Market across from Parkview Library. The décor is reminiscent of every local home industry and coffee shop you loved growing up, with its authentic and uncontrived old-fashioned charm. Not only can you enjoy a good cuppa here, but you can also have your pick from a wide selection of freshly baked cakes.

My Bread & Butter (Parkview)

The eatery boasts a large interior with high domed ceilings and exposed stone walls complementing clean white walls and large windows bringing in light all day. These design elements make the space feel cosy and open at the same time. Because the corner café is so large, it feels comfortable enough to set up your laptop and work alone or with your team. In addition to cappuccinos and espressos, they also offer a choice of vanilla, hazelnut and gingerbread syrup flavours, as well as white chocolate and Milo.

Our cosy restaurant is just the place for an early morning coffee, a mid morning meeting or just a great place to escape the office.

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Naked Kitchen and Coffee Bar (Morningside)

Details of leather, wood, brass and green hand-made tiles combined makes the décor of this restaurant chic and modern, yet still comfy and cosy. Plants and large swathes of natural lighting give it a charming warmth that makes it hard to leave once you’re settled in – especially once you’re enjoying a whole-wheat wrap and great coffee. Plus, there’s a comfortable couch for those who wish to set up a coffice for the day. Gourmet coffee options are aplenty, featuring espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, correttos, affogatos and many more.

The Perfect Cup (Parkview)

Promising no less than 30 coffee blends and dessert flavours, The Perfect Cup is for those who are serious about coffee. They roast their own beans and can make them darker for those with an astute palate. In addition to the blends, The Perfect Cup also serves single-origin coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia and Costa Rica. Experiment with French vanilla or Kahlua fudge flavours if you’re more creative. Windsor chairs, wood and steel furniture, and touches of hessian (from the coffee bags) here and there give this eatery the perfect charm.

State 5 (Greenside)

Said to have two to three times more caffeine than normal coffee, State 5’s cold brew coffees are a great pick-me-up on a hot slow day when you need to push through the lethargy and work. Bring your laptop and sit on the comfortable repurposed bean-sack seats against the exposed brick wall as you enjoy a delicious cup of craft-roasted 100% Arabica coffee. Try a tonic made with cold brew coffee and tonic water plus your choice of vanilla, hazelnut, almond or salted caramel syrups.

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