5 great fish tacos in Cape Town

When it comes to finding the perfect combination of fresh and zingy in one bite, these little envelopes filled with fiery flavours and satisfying textures definitely hit the spot. Whether it comes with a citrusy marinade, creamy avo, the crunch of slaw or the burn of chilli or wasabi, the trendy fish taco with its contrasting flavours and textures is the ultimate summer snack. Here’s where to get your fix in the Mother City.

Charango (City Bowl)

This Bree Street hot spot serves unique Peruvian-style dishes with a range of tacos on offer. The dirt-rubbed tuna taco comprises perfectly seared tuna that’s lightly spiced, with a garnish of ultra-fine cabbage and pickled ginger.

Tuna taco at Charango

Tuna taco at Charango. Image by Katharine Jacobs

El Burro (Green Point)

A Cape Town favourite for sociable Mexican grub, Green Point’s El Burro serves up a wide selection of spicy, tangy and vibrant taco options. For a seafood fix, the glorious build-your-own line fish tacos are a hit. Lime- and chilli-marinated bites of freshly caught line fish are lightly battered and fried and are served in your choice of flour or corn soft tortillas with all the trimmings. Add an extra helping of the luminous pink pickled onion for a mouth-puckering punch.

The fish tacos at El Burro. Photo supplied.

Fuego (Sea Point)

This Latin-American taqueria does not disappoint when it comes to flavourful tacos. For a seafood fix, order the grilled white fish of the day tacos served with zingy pico de gallo and a fresh salsa verde. The filling is snugly served in a handmade corn tortilla with the perfect amount of bite. If you’re really ravenous, order the larger fish taco bowl with a large open tortilla in a bowl filled with white fish, garlic and lime red cabbage. For a bit of heat, douse it in the home-made Fuego chilli sauces on your table.

Tacos and patatas bravas at Fuego. Photo supplied.

Mondiall (V&A Waterfront)

This glossy waterside restaurant takes diners on a culinary journey around the world with a range of cuisines and dishes. For a fiery bite, enjoy the game fish tacos comprising a soft flour tortilla, fresh seared tuna, pico de gallo, guacamole and smoky chipotle sauce.

The Pot Luck Club (Woodstock)

The team at the stylish silo-top eatery have taken the messy street food to new culinary heights with their legendary fish tacos. The delicate moreish bites feature the freshest line fish ceviche, which is sandwiched between two small crunchy taco shells with a zingy combo of black-bean purée, avocado and sour cream and a good hit of pickle. Order your own and don’t share.

The Pot Luck Club fish tacos. Photo supplied.

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