5 great fried chicken spots in Joburg

Fried chicken is never a bad idea, least of all when we’ve rounded up some of the sweetest spots in the city to get your indulgent fix.

Craft (Parkhurst)
Craft’s portion sizes don’t mess about. When you’re feeling particularly hungry, try the fried chicken and waffles. It’s a happy mix of savoury and sweet. The three heavily crumbed drumsticks are crunchy on the outside and tender inside. They’re accompanied by two larger-than-average waffles, maple syrup and a dipping sauce of soy, ginger and garlic. Good luck trying to finish this alone.


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The Great Eastern Food Bar (Melville)
It’s important to be clear on what kind of wing you’re after, so you know what to expect. At Great Eastern Food Bar, the Tebasaki wings come as a portion of four half wings (meaning two full wings) that will finish so quickly you’ll want a second portion. They’re sweet, smoky, salty and sticky, and made using delicious Asian flavours like soy and dashi. It comes served with a miso-mayo dressing.


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Sumting Fresh (Norwood)
From humble beginnings on the Joburg market scene, Sumting Fresh has emerged as a forerunner in the fried chicken game. They’ve got a crumbed and deep-fried chicken breast served with Asian slaw, chicken crackling and salsa verde. There are also deep-fried buttermilk chicken wings served with corn on the cob, parmesan and cheesy fries. Or how about some bao, with deboned and deep-fried chicken thigh smothered in some Sriracha-mayo? Yes to all of the above.


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Tonic (Linden) ?
When prepared well, Korean chicken wings are hard to resist – and that’s the case at Tonic. You’ll find them under the unassuming list of small plates. The portion consists of 6 half wings in a tempura made with potato flour batter. They’re double fried, making them crispy without losing any tenderness. Before serving, the wings are sprinkled with sesame seeds and coated with a killer gochugaru sauce called Chilli Mania, which is hunted down at Neighbourgoods Market.

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The Wing Republic (Braamfontein)
Gourmet chicken wings, anyone? The Wing Republic started off as a regular feature around Joburg markets before thankfully finding a permanent home in the city. It’s wing heaven here, with every kind of chicken treatment you can imagine. The menu states, “Don’t ask which flavour is nice, they are fried,” and we can’t disagree. Buffalo wings are available in five- or ten-piece options in thirteen different ways. Lovers of spice, order the peri sacana, peri-peri or chilli tomato.


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