5 great spots for decadent gluten-free brownies in Cape Town


Gluten intolerant and want to hit your sweet spot without the suffering? These five great Cape Town bakeries and cafés are baking up cocoa-rich treats using only the good stuff – and they’re definitely not skimping on the chocolatey richness.

The dark chocolate and salt brownie at Yummi. Photo supplied.

The dark chocolate and salt brownie at Yummi. Photo supplied.

Brownies & Downies (City Bowl)

This coffee shop and training centre for people with intellectual disabilities has taken the city bowl by storm with its café-style eats and brews by Truth Coffee. The brownies here have reached cult status – and are also gluten-free. Fudgey and very sweet, the creations taste like pure chocolate and have a moreish texture with an added nut crunch. Chocolate lovers can get their fix for R22 a square, or enjoy a small taster with their coffee.

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General Store
(City Bowl)

This Bree Street lunch spot is conveniently located across the road from the Eat Out HQ and – even more conveniently – bakes up incredibly decadent gluten-free brownies on occasion. Call ahead, though, as they’re only sometimes on offer, for R30 each. These beauties are just as chocolatey as the wheaty versions, if not more so, and are perfectly dense and gooey, made with 70% cocoa chocolate and coconut. Pistachio nuts, raspberry and salted caramel sometimes make an appearance, but it’s all about the chocolatey flavour, cake-like texture and the slightly crisp top. They make for a perfect sweet ending after enjoying one of General Store’s wholesome lunch options.

The brownie at The General Store. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The brownie at The General Store. Photo supplied.

Honest Chocolate (City Bowl)

Cape Town’s dedicated chocolate bar is a haven for any cocoa-loving foodie. The chocolate-themed menu features the popular brownies in regular and equally decadent gluten-free options. These heavenly dark chocolate bites are made with Honest’s organic agave-sweetened chocolate and sweet potato. They’re very gooey and smaller than your average brownie, but they pair gloriously with Honest’s dairy- and gluten-free milkshakes, or just a kombucha. Enquire about price and availability when visiting.

The gluten-free brownie at Honest Chocolate. Photo supplied.

The gluten-free brownie at Honest Chocolate. Photo supplied.

Loaves on long (City Bowl)

This charming artisanal eatery bakes all breads and pastries daily in-store. Bakers Ciska Rossouw and Lyndal Wakeford were mentored by George Jardine (of Jordan Restaurant and Restaurant Jardine in Stellenbosch) and have become known for their glorious baked treats. Their take on the gluten-free chocolate treat is also coconut based. It’s slightly drier than your standard brownie, but it’s decadently dense with a moreish coconut-chocolate flavour. Be warned: It’s quite filling, so be sure to save some space after your lunch.

The raspberry brownie at Yummi. Photo supplied.

The raspberry brownie at Yummi. Photo supplied.

Yummi (Canal Walk)

These marvellous 100% gluten- and wheat-free creations come in a range of flavours and are made with 71%-cocoa Fairtrade couverture chocolate. Owner and passionate baker Eric Labuschagne bakes up imaginative flavours minus the gluten. Look forward to brownie flavours such as white-chocolate nougat, fresh mint, peanut-butter mousse, tiramisu, and rocky road. There are also classic favourites such as the blondie brownie and the roasted macadamia nut version. These scrumptious treats are R19.50 for 80g and R30 for 120g.

Bake your own with Woolworths Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix

Gluten-free brownies

Bake your own gluten-free brownies at home with Woolworths’ Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix (R36.95 for a 375g mix). Find the recipe here.






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