Actually happening: an entire festival dedicated to Nutella

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Forget beer or gin, our friends in Adelaide, Australia, are hosting their very own festival that’s dedicated to all things Nutella. That’s right, the Nutella-Palooza will be kicking off on 9 April, and is promising a celebration of all things related to the chocolate and hazelnut spread – and best of all, it’s free of charge.

The chocolate fiesta is the first of its kind in Australia and joins Malta’s Nutella festival in celebration of this gloriously indulgent condiment. Nutella lovers will be treated to cooking demonstrations (with Nutella, of course), bakery stalls, chocolate stalls, popular food trucks and chocolate-themed art installations.

This exercise in decadence will also have Nutella-themed breakfasts, lunch, dinner and desserts. Think chocolate spread pizza with pistachios, fried Nutella ice cream, cronuts, churros, and even Nutella-filled bao. We wonder if Sydney’s Tella Ball Shake will also be making an appearance…

We have a few questions, however. Do you receive a giant spoon upon entry? (That is our preferred method of consumption, after all.) Or maybe even a whole jar to fill up at a Nutella fountain? And most importantly: when will it come to South Africa?

For those who are lucky enough to be in Australia this coming April, get yourself to Bonython Park, Adelaide on Saturday the 9th. And we’ll expect a detailed report (via Instagram) the next morning.

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