Braaibroodjies make it big on Instagram

Braaibroodjies, a South African staple of cheese (and anything else, really) sandwiched between two slices of bread and toasted over the coals, have achieved fame at last on one of our favourite Instagram accounts, @symmetrybreakfast.

Created by Michael Zee, who lives in London, the account celebrates beautifully arranged breakfasts for two, with all the elements – dish, garnish, drinks, napkins – perfectly symmetrical. His posts are so popular with his 624 000 followers that they’ve been compiled and published in book form, with the title SymmetryBreakfast: Cook – Love – Share. (This three-word slogan is superior in every way to another that we feel is much overused – live love laugh. Where’s the food, people?)

Michael’s braaibroodjie post features barbecued toasties filled with mature cheddar, white onion and sirloin steak, accompanied by pickles, chutney and cherry tomatoes, and served with cold rooibos tea from the Cederberg.

In his caption he mentions that South Africans love braaing so much that we have a day dedicated to it, but he has no idea if the British summer will last until 24 September: “So I’m doing it now.”

We’re with Michael. Why wait for Heritage Day? Get toasting immediately. (Watch this video on how Afro-boer in Pretoria makes its brie-and-caramelised-onion braaibroodjies if you need inspiration.)


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