Brush-stroke cakes are just the right combination of smart but simple

It’s not every day that the internet comes up with something weird and wonderful that us mere mortals are able to replicate; however, that is indeed the case for the brush-stroke cake trend currently causing us massive Insta-envy.

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Though not actually made with a brush at all, the centrepiece for a brush-stroke cake is a cinch to create. White chocolate is melted down with food colouring, then dolloped onto wax paper, spread with the back of a spoon or a palette knife, and stuck in the freezer. The unique nature of each chocolate ‘stroke’ is what makes these simple cake toppers take your breath away.


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Of course, the arrangement is also key.

As is your choice of colours.  



Adding some more decoration is also smart.

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Though there’s something to be said for keeping it simple.  



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And, no matter how beautiful the cake, it also has to be delicious.

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The brush strokes can even be used on cupcakes. 


We’ll hand it to you, Instagram. We’re obsessed too.


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