Are you ready for cookie-ception?

We don’t really know why choc-chip cookie-chip cookies were never a thing before now – we can only imagine the world wasn’t yet ready. But, boy, we are ready now.

While it’s become clear that some sweet treats are just not ever supposed to be combined (see: piecaken) and some are acts of pure inspired genius (see: choc-chip peanut-butter doughssant), a cookie embedded with more cookies is the execution of sheer logic: Why choose a single topping when your cookie can be the topping? We all eat at least seven cookies in a sitting anyway (wait, is that just us?), so why not combine them all?

We’re sure that’s what Food and travel bloggers Kevin and Amanda were thinking when they crafted this beautiful Cookie Cookie, made of two chocolate-chip cookies, two dark-chocolate choc-chip cookies and two Bar One cookies, all baked straight into a giant sugar cookie.

And if that’s not quite enough indulgence for you, there’s also a giant cookie that we’re just going to go ahead and name the Pizza Cookie, since you can top it with whatever you’re in the mood for. The s’mores one won us over instantly, and we can barely handle the beauty of the Oreo, brownie and chocolate-chip version.

The best part? You can easily make your own at home in whichever flavour combinations you like.

On second thought, maybe we’re not actually ready. Surely no one should ever have this much power?

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