Bree Street’s cheesiest restaurant moves to the ‘burbs

Culture Club, the cheesiest and happiest place on earth, has relocated from their famous yellow premises on Bree Street to the southern suburbs. Their new home? The Josephine Mill in Newlands.

We had only been open for 4 minutes when a young man in his late twenties that we didn’t know walked in, sat down, ordered something from the menu and walked out with a slice of cheese. We looked at each other, laughed and said ok we run a restaurant and cheese shop! Memories. It feels like a lot longer than three years ago that the seed of Culture Club Cheese was planted on a bright autumnal morning on an even brighter yellow corner of Bree Street, but today it’s time to celebrate and wave goodbye to our beautiful spot as we usher in a new era for Culture Club Cheese. After 3 brilliant years we are moving our micro cheese empire to the Josephine Mill where we will be part of a collaborative space under the shadows of Newlands Rugby Stadium and the brewery (more of that to come). Please pop in today to 215 to raise a slice of cheese to what has come before and more importantly what will be in the future. A huge thank you to every single member of staff who have been part of growing our business in every direction we have explored and there have been plenty of directions, often wandering never lost, just about, and an even greater thanks to every single person who has graced our steps on Bree Street and helped build us up to what we have become! • We don’t have an exact moving in date to our new premises but it’s not far away and I will keep you all posted. Much love to all today from the very bottom of my heart ?

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Sadly they won’t be resuming as a restaurant (how will we live without their Camembert mac and cheese? And that fondue?), but there is good news: they’ll be focusing on their shop and bringing more delicious cheese to the world. Co-owner Jessica Merton says the reason for the move and restaurant closure was for them to be able to expand their cheese supply. “We felt our focus had become on the restaurant and that we’d moved away from our heart, which is providing people with ethically sourced hand-made cheese from grass-fed animals. So we are back to cheese!”

The move is part of a bigger development taking place at Newlands’ iconic Josephine Mill. While more details have yet to be released, word on the street is that the mill is being transformed into a collaborative space with a roastery and a café set to open in July. In the meantime, however, Culture Club is open for business. They are also offering a delivery service, which will run for free on Tuesdays and Fridays until the new Josephine Mill development is up and running in July.

The rare and delicious cheese that Culture Club is known for. Photo supplied.

While we are sad to see the bright yellow restaurant go, we are happy that they aren’t closing their doors completely. Additionally, it sounds like the plans for Josephine Mill are going to transform it into a great little foodie hub, which is great news for the ‘burbs.

We can’t wait to hear what other exciting cheeses Culture Club will bring to us to enjoy with their tasty homemade pickles, preserves and fermented goods.

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