Dunkin’ Donuts leaves store opening date in Capetonians’ hands

Dunkin’ is at it again. And by ‘it’ we mean intriguing us with more obfuscation. At the beginning of September we reported catching a glimpse of what seemed to be South Africa and Cape Town’s first Dunkin’ Donuts branch, located near N1 City in Goodwood. Now Dunkin’ is changing the game again by putting the ball in our hands.

They’ve launched a campaign that supposedly puts Capetonians in charge of when the first store will open, which involves a 10-Day challenge, each with a goal. With each day the goal is reached, the Dunkin’ opening moves a day closer from the end of October. This Choose Your Own Adventure-style of launching seems a bit strange to us, but Rozanna Kader, marketing and communications director at Grand Foods, explains: “At Dunkin’ Donuts we offer a unique experience, and to demonstrate just how unique, we’re giving on-the-go South Africans the power to decide our launch date”.  

In aid of their cause (and doughnut diners who need to be kept abreast of the cataclysmic event), Dunkin’ has launched Twitter and Instagram accounts, in addition to their website that features a handy countdown clock to their launch date. Today’s challenge? Sign up. Dunkin’ will then email you every day to inform you of the day’s challenge, which is set to include “fun, on-the-ground activations and social media challenges”. 

As to which store will get the honour of being the first in SA? We’re betting on what appears to be the fully furnished store in Goodwood, but we’re told that the store opposite Kauai in Canal Walk has a horse in the race too.

The Goodwood store signage. Photo by Lindsay September.

The Goodwood store signage. Photo by Lindsay September.

Whichever it is; all eyes are on you, Cape Town. Get us those doughnuts.

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