Eat Out chief judge Abigail Donnelly talks about her journey in food and what she’s hoping to see on restaurant menus this year

Abigail Donnelly needs no introduction to the Eat Out audience, but for those who don’t know this doyenne of the SA food world, Abigail (or Abi, as she’s affectionately known) has had a long and inspiring journey in the world of food. She’s had stints as a waitress, a chef, a coffee shop owner, an award-winning food editor and, of course, for many years, as the chief judge for Eat Out. She left the brand in 2018 and now she’s back to take the reins again as Eat Out enters a new era with its revamped approach.

abigail donnelly
Abigail was interviewed on The Hungry Table podcast where she talks about her love affair with food and the person who inspired her as a child growing up in Zimbabwe. She also shares her favourite food memory and gives insight into how she takes inspiration from restaurants and chefs.

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