Breaking: Fire at beloved Knysna bakery, Île de Païn

Île de Païn in Knysna is currently assessing the damage after a fire in the building on the night of Wednesday 6 May 2015. The blaze began in the office block above the restaurant on Thesen Island at around 8pm, but was put under control without anyone being hurt. Île de Païn, however, has suffered a lot of water damage, say staff of Mon Petit Pain, île de Païn’s sibling eatery, also located in Knysna. The owners are currently away on their annual six-week holiday.

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The iconic restaurant is known for its excellent baked goods and globally-inspired dishes by chef Liezie Mulder and baker and master chocolatier Markus Farbinger. Markus has trained many of the Western Cape’s top bakers, including award-winning Fritz Schoon of Schoon de Companje (previously known as Oude Bank Bakkerij) in Stellenbosch.

Knysna Plett Herald reported last night that the fire had been extinguished thanks to three fire engines and all of Knysna’s firefighters, including 13 off-duty members. Mon Petit Pain is open for business as usual. We will keep you posted with developments.


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