Gaze upon this Nutella-doughnut milkshake and find inner peace

Hot on the heels of freakshakes (the slightly grotesque, structurally questionable shakes made by a café in Canberra), Australia has produced another unholy milkshake mash-up.

The Tella Ball Shake, hailing from Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery in a suburb of Sydney, was born when the café placed a Nutella-filled doughnut atop a Nutella milkshake and speared it with a straw. The Tella Balls come in several flavours including plain Nutella, vanilla-bean ricotta, five-berry jam and salted caramel.

Since news of the shake went viral, vast queues of people have flooded the small café, which has reportedly been selling 2000 of the creations daily before noon.

tomorrow’s shipment has arrived #tellaballshake #tellashake #tellaballs #nutella #sydneycafe #innerwest #erskineville

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We have several questions. For instance, does the base of the Tella Ball become soggy from exposure to milkshake? Are you supposed to eat the doughnut first or save it until last? Has the incidence of heart disease in the surrounding populace increased dramatically? And most importantly: When can we get one of these here?

They’re also available to go, in handy takeaway cups.

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