Taste ‘unicorn poo’ cupcakes in jars at Candy Wasted pop-up in Rosebank


The signature cupcakes in jars made by Candy Wasted. Photo supplied.

Online ‘happiness’ store Candy Wasted has temporarily made the move to the real world with a pop-up shop in Rosebank Mall in Johannesburg, selling its signature cupcakes in jars and other confectionery.

Their flagship treat is a full-on experience that starts with icing piped into a glass jar, a topping of cake and fillings, and then more icing. Order yours in flavours like macaron, caramel popcorn, Oreo, Top Deck, Guinness, death by chocolate, tropical, and – you heard it here first – unicorn poo, a splendid swirl of enchanting tastes, colours and glistening candy dust. All are beautiful beyond belief and cost R40, or R20 for just the cupcake.


The ‘unicorn poo’ cupcake by Candy Wasted. Photo supplied.

You can also brave the gourmet toffee apples, which are more toffee than apple, really, covered in chocolate and then decked out in jelly babies, Rolos, Crunchie crumble, nuts and more, for R50.

Be sure to make your dreams come true at the Candy Wasted pop-up in the Rosebank Mall (near Pick n Pay) before the end of August 2016.

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