Meet the sizzling shisanyama that was named best in SA

Ever wondered which South African ‘hood holds the title for the most sizzling shisanyama? We caught up with the owners of Homi’s Butchery, also known as Meat Meet, from Diepkloof Zone 3 in Soweto to find out what it takes to be crowned SA’s best shisanyama for 2018 in a competition sponsored by Windhoek. Here is what owner Homi Nyakale, her daughter Khothatso Mokhele and son Khunou Mokhele shared about preparing their meat to perfection.

Khothatso Mokhele (left), Khunou Mokhele (middle) and owner Homi Nyakale (right) from Homi’s Butchery. Photo supplied.

What has been the impact on Meat Meet‘s business since winning South Africa’s best shisanyama?

Ever since winning we have received notable public recognition. We also notice many new faces visiting and supporting our business. There is definitely greater awareness and curiosity of our business after winning the title.

What is the most popular meat with the customers?

The sausages, wors, and lamb chops stand out most. We make the sausages and wors in-house, and customers can’t get enough of them!

Why do you think you won?

The competition on the day of the top four was based on taste. We put enormous effort in ensuring that our final product leaves an impression on the customer’s taste buds. A good taste leaves a good feeling. We also interacted with customers, and this gave them a sense of who we are. Since we are a family business, our approach is the same way when we engage with clients.

Yhoooooo this meat went down so beautifully.Thank you Meat Meet#windhoeksearch

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What are the best sides or salads to pair the meat with?

The salsa is a personal favourite. It’s hot, but also bursts with flavour – and personality, too!

Can you share a tip for cooking your meat to perfection?

The starting point is always meat quality. We make no compromise in this respect. Also, braaing the meat is a tender process, and should never be over-done.

What do you  think sets Meat Meet apart from other shisanyamas?

As a butchery and shisanyama we like to stick to traditional methods of preparation, and use high-quality ingredients. We have also developed our own mix of herbs and spices, and our understanding of taste means we can reach the consumers’ taste buds.

When you eat out, what is your favourite restaurant, and why?

My family and I love Pigalle in Michelangelo Towers. I think their dishes also strike a good balance of flavours. We also enjoy the calm ambience of the restaurant.

What is your favourite meal to order when you eat out at a restaurant?

Mom loves prawns, and, on big days, lobster. Khothatso loves pork ribs, and Khunou loves sushi.

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