New naturally coloured ‘ruby chocolate’ will make you question everything

It’s no secret that ordinarily rational individuals tend to get fired up when it comes to the issue of white chocolate. The very term itself is controversial as, detractors will quickly point out, white chocolate doesn’t even contain any cocoa solids. Now, perhaps in a bid to bring people entirely to blows, chocolate company Barry Callebaut has added fuel to the fire by adding another member to the sacred trio of dark, milk and white: ruby chocolate.

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The launch of the chocolate took place in Shanghai on Tuesday, and has been greeted with great excitement by the internet.

The end product is more milkshake-coloured than ruby, but Barry Callebaut insists it’s ‘reddish’, perhaps to fend off the inevitable gendered associations. It has, though, already unsurprisingly been dubbed ‘millennial chocolate’ (because everything pink or extraneous is millennial somehow).

Barry Callebaut says the chocolate is made with a globally sourced cocoa bean that has the naturally occurring colouring and fruitiness specific to ruby chocolate, and that no colouring is added. After discovering this new bean, it purportedly took them 13 years to create the perfect process and formula for making chocolate.

The taste profile is described by the makers as “a totally new taste experience, which is not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”.

Andrew Baker, writing for The Telegraph, had another way of putting it: “It tastes very much like white chocolate infused with red berries, though Barry Callebaut insist that it is no such thing.” According to CNN, chocolate expert and writer Dom Ramsey was also sceptical because Barry Callebaut has not revealed the ingredients or anything about the production process. He did say that another producer has tried in recent years to sell a “fourth type of chocolate”, but the offering “turned out to be little more than marketing”.

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We have some follow-up questions – namely, why did it take over a decade for it to be revealed to the public that pink-hued cocoa beans exist? What will ruby chocolate brownies (blondies? redheads?) look like? Will we now all have to pretend that rubies are pink? Do we get pink cocoa powder out of this?

Hopefully we’ll get some answers to these burning questions when distribution begins in six months. We’re reserving judgement until then, but let us know how you feel in the poll below.

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