Pretoria’s perfect puddings: 6 warm winter desserts to fix any problem

Sure, malva pudding is a classic – and yes, we’ve included one excellent version – but when it comes to warming winter puddings, Pretoria has some truly inspired innovators. Alida Ryder sets out with a noble mission: to find the capital’s best winter puddings. From s’more waffles with homemade caramel and Belgian chocolate to risotto pudding with toasted coconut and mango compote, these are puddings with transformative powers.

Carlton Café (Menlo Park)

This classic Tshwane eatery offers a delicious warm risotto pudding cooked with coconut milk and layered with tropical flavours to remind you of warmer days. Mango compote and toasted coconut complete this glorious, creative dessert. (R42)

Carlton café. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Carlton café. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Tashas (Brooklyn)

If you’re after a South African classic, tashas offers its version of delectable pumpkin fritters served with vanilla ice cream. Yours for R52.

Lucky Bread Co. (Brooklyn)

These folk excel at sweet treats. Their bread and butter pudding is a crowd favourite, but if you want something truly indulgent, the s’more waffle topped with homemade caramel, dark Belgian chocolate, marshmallows and ice cream (R52) can’t be missed.

Bistro BOER’geoisie (Menlo Park)

Try their Karoo pudding, which comes with cream and custard (like all good baked puddings should) for R34, or their traditional sousklytjies, traditional steamed dumplings with generous amounts of cinnamon and butter for R32.

Stephnie’s (Lynnwood)

Stephnie’s puts their spin on the classic malva pudding, which they serve with vanilla crème anglaise and vanilla-pod ice cream (R49).

Mythos (Brooklyn)

This modern Greek eatery offers rizogalo, which is a Greek rice pudding served either hot or cold with ground cinnamon (R45).

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