Rainbow latte art exists and coffee will never be the same

Australia, land of the Freakshake and candyfloss ice-cream cones, has gifted us with a new treat to obsess over, the rainbow latte. A cute suburban eatery called Piggy Back Café in Jindalee, west Brisbane, is serving perfectly unicorn-coloured coffees with its all-day breakfasts.

Made with milk froth and food colouring, the rainbow latte brightens up any meal.

Everybody loves their multi-coloured swirls, especially kids.

…Even dogs can’t get enough.

The Venzin Group, which owns Piggy Back Café, is offering one-hour lessons on making rainbow lattes for $75 – a cool R815 – but how about you just tag your barista in this how-to Instagram video? #nopressure

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