Ready-to-order takeaway menu gems that always hit the spot

Here are a few of our favourite takeaway menu items that never disappoint:

Are homemade pizzas really worth the hype? We think not! They’re simply not worth the mess and fuss when takeaway pizzas are just as good. Plus, not every person has a wood-burning pizza oven at their disposal. We’d always recommend them hot and straight out the box!

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Burger and chips
A duo made in heaven, nothing quite hits the spot like that first crispy chip straight out the takeaway bag! Whatever your go-to burger order is, make sure to make it a takeaway order next time your in the mood for one.

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Pasta takeaways travel well and they somehow always taste better when you’re in your PJ’s on the couch.

Toasties and loaded sandwiches
Ordering a perfectly wrapped toastie takeaway is ideal for ensuring your toastie arrives at optimal temperature; you can dig right in without having to worry about a vengeful tomato slice waiting to attack!

Photo by Yalamber Limbu on Unsplash

Deconstructed tacos don’t only make for a tasty #TacoTuesday,  you can also get creative and construct your taco just the way you like it!

Buddha bowls, poke bowls, pretty much anything served in a bowl… They are typically rice-based and easily transportable, perfect for a hero takeaway when you need it most.

Sushi is a tasty art form best left to the professionals. And even in the winter months, we can’t go without a substantial takeaway sushi fix.

Photo by Дарья Плотникова on Unsplash

Absolutely anything fancy we cannot/should not attempt to make at home
Fine dining at home – a big thumbs up from us! We’ll leave haute cuisine to the best in the business while we sit back and enjoy our fine dining experiences at home.

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