Restaurant design: How Ukkō in Bryanston pays homage to seaside aesthetics with a Med-Asian feel

Named for Ukkonen, a Finnish mythology referencing the god of harvest, weather, sky and thunder, the concept was to bring people together to consume food and alcohol as a customary sacrifice.

The curated menu features Mediterranean tapas and sushi, with an extensive wine list and mixology bar.

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A symphony of textures and tones, Ukko offers extremely instagrammable decor, the colour palette features shades of turquoise, light wood, beige and white. Knotted rope macrame fixtures stand as focal points and room dividers, with large woven lampshades paying homage to seaside aesthetics. Owner Mun Manal wanted to create a Med-Asian feel using warm wooden tones and natural stone finishes offset with copper accents, to imbue a relaxed yet cosy setting.

okku restaurant

The bar is surrounded with white herringbone tiling, with the occasional pop of copper and turquoise thrown in to break the repetition of white. The far back wall of the restaurant that frames a long turquoise leather booth is clad with wooden slats covering a moody light piece that shines through the gaps of the wood.

okku restaurant

On the menu expect to discover the signature Mediterr-asian Raw Bar offering Salmon, Tuna and Beef as a Crudo, as well as Tataki, and Peruvian Ceviche. The Tapas style serving is a focus and well-crafted to cater for all pallets through extensive offerings of Mediterranean small dishes. For drinks, opt for Akka (female deity of Ukkō), featuring vodka, strawberry and rose essence and lime, as well as Ether (God of Air) featuring Gin, Fresh passionfruit, elderflower, prosecco and aromatic bitters.

okku restaurant

Images: courtesy of UKKO

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