Review: Classic American burgers at BGR in Rosebank

Finally, a true ‘American’ burger in Johannesburg! BGR (short for burger, in case you missed that) produces authentic and traditional burgers like the true American classic. It’s the brainchild of Josh Cherry and Jed Goldstein, two American expats, who struggled to find a wholesome, delicious burger that was not influenced by South African flavours.


Guests can expect a simple menu with the main focus on in-house ground-beef patties made fresh daily. Yes, they have their own meat grinder and make their 100% beef patties fresh every day. Their cuts of beef are specially sourced from a local butcher that supplies only free-range, grass-fed beef. The focus on quality does not stop there: they have designed special burger buns that allow for a perfect meat-to-bun ratio, and top it all with a wonderful homemade smoky barbecue sauce.

BGR. Photo by Rupesh Kassen

BGR. Photo by Rupesh Kassen

As for the burger: you can have it plain, double up the patties or add cheese. The toppings are all included in the price, so add as many as you like from the selection of salad items, pickles, grilled mushrooms, mustard, peppadews or hot sauce. Only salt is added to the ground beef patty, which is grilled on a special imported flat top to achieve a perfect crust without drying it out.

If you’re avoiding carbs, they will wrap your burger in a ‘lettuce bun’ instead. The skinny French fries are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and salted to perfection. For dessert, they will soon be offering a range of homemade frozen custard with exciting flavours.


There’s no liquor licence as yet, as they’re in a temporary space while the building is being renovated. But the homemade lemonade is delicious: perfectly tart and sweet. Alternatively, settle for a soda.


The staff are friendly and informed and rather efficient. As the burgers are made to order, the wait will be slightly longer than your average drive-through.


This hidden gem is tucked away next to the forecourt of a service station. The restaurant took over the space of a car workshop, and echoes the industrial feel beautifully with an open kitchen and a window showcasing their special meat grinder.

BGR. Photo by Rupesh Kassen

BGR. Photo by Rupesh Kassen


It’s a little pricey, but BGR is one place that burger connoisseurs must try right now.

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