Review: Delicious eclectic treats at Boston Bistro in Hazelwood

Boston Bistro may give the impression of a roadside farm stall somewhere in the countryside, but this inner city eatery has an eclectic menu filled with delicious surprises, says Hennie Fisher.


The starters include smoked salmon nori roll prepared with black rice, cucumber, carrot, salmon mousse and black sesame sponge, and light meals feature such delights such as the ‘Jan-ny’ chow (a bunny chow named after a regular) and a beef curry in a burger roll. Other options are a classic American style cheeseburger or, if you’re in the mood for a few different bites on one plate, a tapas plate of chorizo, hummus, fish cake, feta and olives, a fried lasagne bite and bread.

For the main course, there is the choice of chicken roulade with a nut, brie and thyme filling; fillet café de Paris prepared according to the classic 1941 recipe from Geneva (with capers, chives, marjoram, dill, thyme, brandy, cayenne, lemon zest and orange juice); or something simpler like the grilled lamb chops served with hummus, new potatoes and a roasted pepper and mint salsa. Also worth considering is the sous-vide rib of beef with pommes frites and sweet baby onions. Desserts may include a beautifully presented chocolate mousse with toasted nuts, honey and ice cream.

Breakfast options include liver on toasted pita with feta, sautéed mushrooms and mixed greens, or some ‘green’ eggs and ham – poached eggs on English muffin with fried ham and green Hollandaise. If you’re in a decadent mood, the Detroit French toast that’s prepared by sandwiching cheddar between two slices of French toast, served with cinnamon bananas, bacon and golden syrup, is sure to satisfy.

Boston Bistro. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Boston Bistro. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.


The wines include an interesting mix of everyday South African wines interspersed with unusual gems. The entire Hermanuspietersfontein range is available: Die Martha, Die Bartho, Bloos, Swartskaap, Die Arnoldus, Kleinboet, Posmeester and the sauvignon blancs. Other interesting wines on offer are Earthbound Pinot Noir, Jacobsdal Pinotage and Raka. White wines may be considered slightly less exciting.


With a rather detailed menu (pasted inside old novels) and specials running on blackboards, this is a complex operation that runs super smoothly and efficiently. The service staff know exactly what’s going on and are always on hand to answer questions without hesitation.


Situated on a corner that is rumoured to become Pretoria’s next gourmet square mile, adjacent to Alfie’s, Salt Eatery and the new Club One centre around the corner, Boston Bistro gives you the impression of visiting a roadside farm stall somewhere in the countryside. Even though there are some tables outside on the small stoep (shared with the popular Alfie’s Italian restaurant next door), the inside features crafts and handmade items (jewellery, scarves, paintings, toys and books) for sale.

Boston Bistro. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Boston Bistro. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.


A special corner of the restaurant is set aside for a buffet, available on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5pm. While some may associate buffets with boarding-school dining, this spread allows you to help yourself to delicious, traditionally hearty ‘boerekos’ in charming surroundings. They also offer all sorts of enticing specials.

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