SA chef to star in hot new Netflix show

In August we reported that Netflix announced its plans for a new binge-worthy chef competition show to launch later this year. In a late-night twist, Cape Town’s chef Ash Heeger (who is about to unveil her new restaurant Riverine Rabbit) has revealed that she will be one of the 24 competitors in The Final Table, which will air worldwide on 20 November.

The series, which has already been touted as a rival to Top Chef, will feature 12 chef teams of two cooking up different countries’ cuisines for some of the world’s greatest culinary talents. Each episode will focus on a different country and cuisine with celebrities, food critics and that country’s top chef eliminating teams until the grand finale, when the winning chef will be honoured with a seat at the judge’s table.

Chef Ash will be paired up with chef Alex Haupt of 101 Gowrie in Amsterdam.


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Netflix has released the official trailer of The Final Table, where SA’s own Ash Heeger can be spotted. There are also some celebrity appearances and exciting flashes of what’s to come in the series. 

All 10 episodes of The Final Table will be aired on Netflix across the globe on 20 November. Make sure to tune in to see how chef Ash does and if she’ll get the seat at The Final Table!

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