Shame! Burger King New Zealand thought they invented something new – but they just made a larney slap chip gatsby

Social media users were amused and confused this week to learn that Burger King in New Zealand is testing a new kind of burger filled with nothing but French fries, mayonnaise and ketchup.

Slow clap. Well done, guys. But we’ve been eating slap chip gatsbys for years now.

Imagine it takes you until 2020 to taste a chip roll for the first time?

When Coloured South Africans emigrate, they soema change the arme mense's culture. Hou op colonise…en watse chip "sandwich". 🤣🤣#vanniekaap

Posted by Vannie Kaap on Monday, February 17, 2020


Called the Chip Butty (a reference to the UK hot, filled sandwich with breakfast-type ingredients such as crispy bacon, chips or fried egg), the new ‘burger’ can also come with bacon. Basically, it’s a chip roll.

South African slap chip fans on Twitter were not impressed with the turn of events:


We’ll leave you with this thought:

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