The social distancing guide to celebrating at a restaurant

While many things have changed, the need – and occasion – to celebrate hasn’t. We’ve gathered our six best tips for adjusting to the new normal, because while celebrations may look a little different now, they can still be just as festive.

  1. Keep your numbers to a minimum 

Generally, restaurants aren’t accepting more than six guests per table, so if you have a larger group you’d like to celebrate with, try splitting it over two different seatings.

  1. Bring extra masks

Building owners are required by law not to admit anyone without a mask covering their mouth and nose. If you want to be a thoughtful host, have a few masks and mini hand sanitisers ready for your guests.

  1. Have a game plan 

Find out whether the restaurant you’re going to makes use of platforms like Snapscan or Zapper – this way individual payments can easily and safely be made without passing around a bill. The Spur Group’s Khakhi Diala says: “Our card machines are NFC capable, which means guests can use features such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.”

  1. Ask about being hosted in a secluded area of the restaurant

Many restaurants are eager to host special occasions – their rooftop bars and lounges can be reserved for groups exclusively.  

Photo by The Hussar Grill

  1. Be aware of things staff can no longer do

Sharable drinks such as mocktail fish bowls will likely never return to drinks menus (according to Business Insider US) and the same will be true for a few other favourites. Don’t harass staff – these precautions are being taken for your safety.

Photo by Tjing Tjing

  1. Call ahead

If you want to make your experience extra special with added items like cakes or décor, call ahead to find out what will be permissible. Every restaurant has its own policy. Christina Semczyszyn, head chef at Tjing Tjing Momiji, encourages guests to bring along props to make their day extra special. The restaurant might even have a set or special menu available.

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