The Nice Company opens first ice-cream store in the Bo-Kaap

The beloved ice-cream makers at The Nice Company have opened their first outlet in the Bo-Kaap, in Rose Street. The Nice Company has produced artisanal ice cream out of the Westlake factory for about 20 years, which is available at local delis and stores across the city.

Lloyd Becker, one of the owners, told us that they chose the Bo-Kaap for its vibrant and colourful surroundings and that, as the area is now regarded as a must-see destination for locals and tourists alike, it’s a great spot for small food businesses. He explains: “It is best to explore the Bo-Kaap on foot, as there a lot of small cobbled roads, and we thought an ice cream in hand would be a great combination.”

The store’s exterior. Photo supplied.

At the store they’re scooping up a wide range of delicious ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts. All are made with the highest-quality ingredients, and flavours range from the classics – like dark chocolate, vanilla and salted peanut butter – to the experimental, like raspberry and rosewater and apricot cheesecake. There are also plans to expand the offering to include new ice-cream flavours unique to the Bo-Kaap store, baked treats to accompany the ice creams, and proper milkshakes.

Should you not want to walk and eat at the same time, the shop has a small seating area where you can enjoy your ice cream. The Nice Company is open Mondays to Sundays from 10.30am to 6.30pm.

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