Waffle pops are our new favourite food on a stick

Forget cake pops and ice lollies, the latest sweet treat to be served on a stick is the sugary, golden waffle. These colourful and crunchy creations have been flooding our social media feeds of late and we’re totally on board.

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For those of you who don’t have the time to use utensils, feast your eyes on your new favourite comforting and convenient confection.

There are elegant French ones, complete with a bow



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Here are some doused in Nutella, with a convenient lid to catch the spills

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There are cheerful heart-shaped ones



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Ingenious waffle-on-a-stick sundaes

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The simple pleasure of a sugar-covered version



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And beautifully pebbly ones, rolled in chocolate balls

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There’s even an entire emporium in Belgium dedicated to waffles on a stick



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We want to go to there…

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